Saturday, April 20, 2013

[outfit] heading for the beach

It's hard to choose a weekend break living in LA; for starters, there isn't much choice within 2 hours of flying, and we ARE by the sea, there are plenty of beaches around, it's already kind of a holiday destination.

With all that said... am at Cabo for the weekend, for some sun sea and sand (not that we already have those in LA) and most importantly a change of scenery!

Thought orange jeans, a simple white T shirt, flip flops, Panama hat and sunglasses all seem like musts for a sunny beach getaway~

(here I am holding my nose coz the driver farted!!!)

Happy weekend!


  1. Finally showing your face!
    Have lots of fun!


    1. haha, that wasn't intended, but i really wanted to share the panama hat!! XD