Thursday, April 18, 2013

[outfit] summer polka dots with maxi

I'd always come up with reasons to convince myself that my purchase was justifiable. Saw these river island maxi skirts on asos the other day, and thought to myself.... "I am so bored of wearing trousers/jeans/leggings everyday.. yeah.. and i'd need maxi skirts for the summer... " (as if maxi skirts were no where to be seen in my wardrobe..)

Despite it peaked at 29C/84F today, i insisted debuting them with boots!

Bought the necklaces in one of my favourite places- portobello market, aaaaages ago.. and sleeveless polka dots in some random shop on the streets of Taipei

The Philip Lim mini pashli is really quite maxi in capacity; it fits my long wallet, iphone, card holder, make up bag and car keys, impressive if you ask me!

Those Burberry boots are also from London, SO enjoyable- (don't know if that's even an appropriate adjective for shoes, but hey!) 

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