Saturday, April 13, 2013

[thots] The World of Hermes SS2013

Recieved this in the mail today, excited, as always!
Le monde d'hermes printemps- est 2013

Always love the photography and contents. 

This cover is so fun, probably a one take thing though, probably ruined the suits completely- aren't they all dry clean only?

Love bandeau bikini tops, love purple, so this i like! 

This i thought was pretty cool, an operation known as retournage. As the bag was made and sewn inside out it's a process where they turn it outside-in (i suppose), the precision, timing, skill and speed is apparently key. 

Some I found amusing. Perhaps the whole inside-out thing was on of the themes in this issue..? i dunno..but the umbrella seems, just like the suits in the cover, ruined.

I LOVE the trench coat especially the leather part! but it's just so hard to take it all seriously when she's standing there with an attitude holding an egg with a spoon... i mean.. random?!

Finally, when I saw this outfit, I was like, really??!?!?  okay~~ who am i to judge Hermes, but this would probably be hard to pull off even by the most masculine women or the most feminine man.. don't think even Ellen DeGeneres or Kate Moss can pull this one off.. (ok..Kate Moss may be...???)

This posted isn't constructive at all, but then again... neither am i most of the time HA!  


  1. holding an egg with a spoon HAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. she is though isn't she!!! lol x