Wednesday, April 10, 2013

you lie, NOT, YOU UE!

One of my favourite Banky graffiti, I feel like I can really relate to it.. "You Lie!"- nah.. it's actually "you ue"! - yep, i am ue! "Rat"- yep, I was born in the year of the rat, "it's location in bond street, london"- yep, one of my favourite shopping spots in London! So ~ Tah-dahh 

Born in Taiwan, grew up in Britain, now live in LA.

Thought I'd note here, things I both love and loath, or just my life in way-too-sunny California!


  1. FINALLY!!!!!
    You are the coolest person I know and I am very excited to see you start blogging!! Keep it up!


  2. haha SLIGHT exaggeration no? thanks for your support though~ i'll try to keep it up!! x