Wednesday, April 10, 2013

[outfit] why?? bright coloured jeans for sunny april days

The idea of sharing outfits all started when I had a massive (a full car load sort of massive) spring clean last week. Some of these clothes that went to either goodwills or crossroads I've had since the first year of Uni, that's 10 years ago!!

I had a right laugh trying them on and funny how they made me look so ancient and completely dated!! They were in that awkward phase when it's not yet vintage, and far far away from trendy. (shame on me but Britney's I am not a girl not yet a woman would fit quite nicely as a metaphor here..)

SO, I thought, I'd post my outfits here and see, if, in 10 years time, looking back, I would agree with my own fashion taste in 2013. 

Mon: Burberry boots, balenciaga bag, zara shorts, whistles blazer, green shirt from Bangkok by local designer

Tues: Givenchy pandora, Ferragamo Varina, Gray saks 5th, black sleeveless from a small boutique in Taipei

Wed: Rag&bone jeans, Lanvin flats, mango scarf  


  1. No one does street chic like you, UE!


  2. overwhelmed with your compliments.. T_T thank you~ x