Tuesday, April 23, 2013

[outfit] birthday supper on the beach

The trip to Cabo was intended for two purposes; for a weekend getaway and for my birthday celebration! 

I didn't know John had organised the beach supper until the day before and I was glad that I packed the casual very-beach-appropriate Vanessa Bruno dress! It's not a wrap dress though it looks as one coz of the tie on the waist, it has little lace details around the skirt which I like and makes it more interesting. 

Supper was at 6:30 which is quite perfect coz it means we were there before, during and after sunset! There were these stunning crimson clouds flaming across the sky!

In this very romantic proposal-appropriate setting we were discussing and cringing at how awkward it would be if the proposal wasn't successful.. 

I also brought a clutch as I didn't fancy walking around places and restaurants in a beach bag; paired it up with the dress and the Chanel flip flops I've been wearing all day completes my birthday-supper-on-the-beach outfit~ 

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  1. So beautiful and romantic!!! That was a perfect dress for a night like this, too