Tuesday, April 23, 2013

[thots] porche design twin bag

Saw this Porche Design "Twin bag" and vomited a little in my mouth..

It's the first ever handbag by Porche Design, supposedly "timeless, completely new and original". I think it's a boxy manly-looking bag that is far from elegant. Ok, if it was life or death and I must choose between which version to use, I'd go with shorty twin, it might just be justifiable with a... really boxy manly suit. The tally is so lanky that it looks out of place/proportion and a bit awkward (it somehow reminds me a bit of the English footballer Peter Crouch), all sorts of questions come flying into my head; how far down is the drop? near the hip/waist area?! how would you wear it? is the leather stiff? what occasion? etc... off the top of my head, I really can't think of an outfit that it would go well with... and maybe I never will, never ever, ever..

If one's feeling wealthy and can't think of better ways to spend 1290 Euros, the Twins come in five colours here

(A final thought.. if this is the direction they are heading in designing handbags for women, perhaps they should really stick with cars..)

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